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Chad Lott

Scary Thoughts Episode 52 – A Serbian Film (2010)

Srđan Spasojević’s 2010 Serbian exploitation film joined the ranks of horror’s most controversial efforts the moment it came out. It’s not for everyone, or really anyone, but criticism of the film tends to be rather pedestrian and reactionary, even among so-called horror fans. We spend almost as much time talking about Maggie Nelson’s recent book, The Art of Cruelty; and Chris Burden’s art piece Shoot as we do the film, so if you aren’t into the ultra-graphic, you can still enjoy this episode.

Scary Thoughts episode 51 – Suspiria (2018) with guest Monique Jenkinson/Fauxnique

Suspiria is a beloved classic no one really needed to remake, but if you have to do it, you may as well do it with some style. Lucca Guadagnino’s 2018 version is a bold vision that divided horror fans. Dance performer Monique Jenkinson (AKA Fauxnique) joins us again to discuss remakes, contemporary dance, fierce witches, Butoh (the Japanese Dance of Darkness), and other high-art strangeness.

Scary Thoughts episode 50 – This Is the End (2013)

The 2013 horror-meta-comedy This is the End is, on the surface, a great ensemble cast stoner film. But it also traffics in the kind of fart/dick/#nohomo/bro-humor the modern finger-wagging class disapproves of. In this episode, we explore the potential of a new masculinity, whether or not James Franco’s cronies are cinema’s zeitgeist, and what it means to love juvenile humor.

Scary Thoughts episode 49 – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) with guest Meredeath

2003’s remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn’t often lauded for much beyond its presentation of Jessica Biel’s assets. So when Andrew Sheets (AKA Meredeath) mentioned it was their favorite horror film back on our Babadook episode, we were perplexed. Were we missing something? Are we now too old to understand what appeals to millenials? Is this simply a flaw in a friend’s otherwise impeccable horror taste? We ask these questions and more with Meredeath back as a guest to defend the barbaric tastes of the young.

Scary Thoughts episode 45 – Mandy (2018)

Mandy is way out in front as our favorite film of 2018. But not many people have seen it. It’s probably because Nicholas Cage has put out some real stinkers lately and the trailer looks way too much like Ghost Rider. Not to fear! This is Cage turned up to 11 and it works magnificently here. We also discuss homage vs. nostalgia and our two favorite topics: auteurism and violence.

Scary Thoughts episode 44 – Near Dark (1987)

Academy Award-winning director Kathryn Bigelow’s 1987 film Near Dark is a truly great vampire story. However, it had the misfortune of being released the same week as The Lost Boys. Though it was the superior film in every way that matters, it didn’t have the same tween star power or marketing budget, and was mostly forgotten except by hardcore genre fans. In this episode we discuss Westerns, method acting, The South, and once again, how we would live as the undead.

Episode 43 – The Hallowe’en Episode

Chad and Marc turn treats into tricks by eating the world’s hottest chocolate bar before attempting to discuss: Hallowe’ens past and present, the true gothic of New Orleans, their best Hallowe’en costumes, Peaches Christ’s haunted house The Terror Vault, Marc (and Fauxnique’s) show ‘Girl’, and the state of horror in the wake of 43 Scary Thoughts episodes.