Scary Thoughts #112 – The Craft

The Craft (1996) is a beloved teen witch movie that helped define the 90s mall goth experience. It also made supporting actress Fairuza Balk a bit of an icon for the heavy eyeshadow crowd.

Does this movie still hold up? Blessed be, yes! Other than a lame soundtrack, this is a fun movie with memorable scenes and decent actors. 

We talk about what it was like to be a neophyte goth in New Orleans during the late 1900s, witchcraft as a thing that’s cool and corny, and the role of life coaches/therapists/Tarot readers in the modern world.

Veteran listeners may notice a slight uptick in incoherence from one of the hosts as the episode unfurls its dark wings. It’s the curse of edibles. If it all made sense, good job opening your third eye.

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