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Chloë Sevigny

Scary Thoughts episode 57 – The Dead Don’t Die (2019)

Jim Jarmusch’s meta zom-com, The Dead Don’t Die (2019), wasn’t exactly loved by genre fans. We discuss what we liked, what we didn’t, and why watching Game of Thrones and reading Harry Potter might not be the best way to spend your few remaining years on Earth. This episode is saltier than usual, perhaps caused by the ambient dread created by polar fracking.

Episode 29 – American Psycho (2000)

Brett Easton Ellis’ American Psycho came out to a flurry of controversy in 1991. Director Mary Harron brought it to the screen in 2000. This episode focuses on the film, but the book is brought up quite a few times. It’s a killer conversation that covers Moby Dick, political correctness in the 90s, yuppie culture, Christian Bale’s hotness, A Clockwork Orange, and whether or not Gordon Gekko is more evil than Patrick Bateman.