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Episode 14 – Forrest Gump (1994)

Is Forrest Gump a pathological liar with an unhealthy obsession with a lost soul or a sweet and heroic man gifted with an absence of ennui? We go deep into the psychology of Robert Zemeckis’ enduring Vietnam War epic to find out what horror makes a man give up everything and travel America as a derelict. We also try to answer the enduring existential question, “is life really like a box of chocolates?”

Episode 4 – The Neon Demon (2016)


In this episode, your fiendish co-hosts Marc and Chad, get into an in-depth conversation about Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2016 art house horror film, The Neon Demon. The conversation explores what it takes to be an auteur filmmaker, the taxonomy of the current moment in horror, and whether or not beauty is subjective or objective. It’s the longest episode so far, but definitely one of the most enjoyable.