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Episode 43 – The Hallowe’en Episode

Chad and Marc turn treats into tricks by eating the world’s hottest chocolate bar before attempting to discuss: Hallowe’ens past and present, the true gothic of New Orleans, their best Hallowe’en costumes, Peaches Christ’s haunted house The Terror Vault, Marc (and Fauxnique’s) show ‘Girl’, and the state of horror in the wake of 43 Scary Thoughts episodes.

Episode 28 – Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

2007’s horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat is our official Halloween episode. You may notice it is a little late. Excuses? Marc was on tour promoting his new album Deface and Chad was shooting antique firearms in New Orleans. It’s still a good episode. We cover EC Comics’ influence on anthology films, the importance of heroic figures in horror, and whether or not being eaten by sexy werewolves is a good way to exit this mortal coil.