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Episode 40 – Unsane (2018)

We had the best intentions of having a straightforward conversation about Steven Soderbergh’s 2018 film Unsane. Instead this episode will take you on a strange journey involving Gavin de Becker’s book The Gift of Fear, using iPhones to make films, the strange popularity of Jordan Peterson, self-help literature and the concept of premium mediocrity. If you like to hear us go deep and stumble through ideas, this is the episode for you.

Episode 34 – Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

2016’s Ouija: Origin of Evil made a boatload of money, but it’s terrible. It deals in nostalgia, weak jump scares and has a muddled plot. Why do people keep watching movies like this? Why aren’t they better? Will anything change, or is horror continuing to split and become a genre that produces a few auteur gems and a ton franchise style crap? We attempt to answer these questions and more, all without the help of a Ouija board of our own.

Episode 33 – Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo has been on the air since 1969. Those meddling kids have been in a shocking number of series and movies since then. Is this horror? Is it worth watching? We land on a solid ‘maybe’ for those questions and more. Join us as we explore everything from the laugh-tracked early episodes to the surprisingly smart, and conspiracy riddled, Mystery Incorporated.