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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Episode 43 – The Hallowe’en Episode

Chad and Marc turn treats into tricks by eating the world’s hottest chocolate bar before attempting to discuss: Hallowe’ens past and present, the true gothic of New Orleans, their best Hallowe’en costumes, Peaches Christ’s haunted house The Terror Vault, Marc (and Fauxnique’s) show ‘Girl’, and the state of horror in the wake of 43 Scary Thoughts episodes.

Episode 42 – Murder Party (2007)

You should just go watch Murder Party (2007). It’s a fun Halloween movie full of laughs and mayhem. This episode also has its share of laughs and mayhem. We discuss what we like about this film, then head back into a longer discussion about conceptual art (carried over from the previous episode), the ways comedy and horror work together, and whether or not it can be funny to teach a dog the Nazi salute. We also finally talk about our fascination with the Canadian feminist horror podcast, The Faculty of Horror.